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Basic Immunology in Medicine To Go

Basic Immunology in Medicine To GoBasic Immunology in Medicine To Go is an up-to-date, clinically relevant overview of how the immune system functions and malfunctions, presented in a manner that is accessible and of interest to individuals with various levels of scientific knowledge. The course helps employees understand the clinical relevance, mechanisms of actions and potential complications of drugs their companies are developing or marketing in the area of immune/inflammatory diseases. Topics covered include innate immunity and antigen presentation, activation of T cells, effector T cell subsets and cytokines, antibodies, B cells and humoral immunity, T cell regulation and tolerance, leukocyte migration and inflammation and autoimmunity and immune-mediated inflammatory diseases.  


  • Two FOCIS educational instructors at your site
  • Online access to lecture materials
  • Program evaluation
  • Knowledgeable, effective employees
  • Increased relevance to your target market

What past attendees from the pharmaceutical industry are saying...

"I enjoyed the class and was able to take away key concepts in immunology. I feel more comforable being able to have a conversation with someone more knowledgeable in this subject area than I did before the class."
"As a result of this course I have improved my ability to understand the basic science underlying immunotherapy drug development."
"I recommend organizing this course and similiar ones at regular intervals."

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Choose the One or Two-Day Option

Day One: Basic immunology education
Cost: $25,000

Day Two (optional): Targeted, customized education directly applicable to your company's interest area
Cost: $100,000