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Interventional Immunology 2014

Wednesday, June 25 at FOCIS 2014
Sheraton Hotel and Towers
Chicago, Illinois

Faculty Biographies and Slide Presentations  

Faculty Biographies
Jonathan Maltzman, MD, PhD, University of Pennsylvania
Jane Buckner, MD, Benaroya Research Institute
Tom Gajewski, MD, PhD, University of Chicago
Peter Heeger, MD, Mount Sinai Hospital
Allan Kirk, MD, PhD, Duke University School of Medicine
John O'Shea, MD, National Institutes of Health
Qizhi Tang, MD, University of California, San Francisco
Stephan Targan, MD, Cedars Sinai Medical Institute


Cell-Based Therapies: Turning Off the Immune Responses wiht TRegs - Qizhi Tang, MD

Costimulatory Blockade for Immunosuppression and Tolerance - Allan Kirk, MD, PhD

Anti-Cytokine Therapy in IBD: What Works and Why? - Stephan Targan, MD

Revving Up the Immune System to Fight Cancer - Tom Gajewski, MD

Small Molecule Inhibitors - John O'Shea, MD

Complement Inhibition: Antibodies and More - Peter Heeger, MD

IL-2: When is Too Much of a Good Thing Bad? - Jane Buckner, MD