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Advanced Course Resources

Pre/Post Test

In order to get a better guage of the effectiveness of the course, each attendee must complete the pre-test prior to the first day of the course and complete the post-test following completion of the course. Both tests are also requirements for receiving CME. Please follow the links below to take the necessary tests.



Presentation Slides

All attendees will have access to the presentation slides prior to the course. These slides will only be available online, printed handouts will not be availalbe onsite. Please note that these slides are submitted in advance by faculty members and every effort will be made to ensure the most current slides are available to attendees. Follow the links below to view a PDF of the slides for each presentation. 

Overview of the Immune System     Innate Immunity (Cells)      T-B Cell Collaboration     Mucosal Immunity
Innate Immunity (Molecules)   T Cell Activation   Immune Tolerance & Regulation    Allergies
Antigen Presentation    NK Cells    Tumor Immunity   Transplantation
Antibodies and Disease    T Cell Subsets   Autoimmunity   Immunodeficiencies
            Translational Immunology

Course Evaluation

At the conclusion of this course, attendees are asked to complete an evaluation of the course and faculty. Attendee input is a crucial part of shaping the program for future years. The evaluations are required in order to receive a certificate of attendance. 

Course Evaluation - Monday, February 20
Course Evaluation - Tuesday, February 21
Course Evaluation - Wednesday, February 22
Overall Course Evaluation

Continuing Medical Education (CME)

In the past, FOCIS has made it possible for meeting participants to obtain CME credit for attending our courses. In order to enable all those involved in the research and treatment of immune-mediated diseases to participate in the exchange of ideas that contribute to the forward motion of the field, FOCIS will not offer CME credit for the Advanced Course. Certificates of attendance will be availalbe upon request.