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FOCIS 2015 Recap

Thank you to everyone who participated in FOCIS 2015 in San Diego!

focis2015Over 800 attendees, 350 abstracts and 20 scientific sessions created an exceptional atmosphere for THE meeting translational immunology.

A special thanks goes out to the FOCIS 2015 Scientific Program Committee for their time and talent in putting together an innovative lineup of topics and speakers.

FOCIS 2015 Recap


Important Links

Important Links

Lupus Insight Award

Lupus Award

Dr. George C. Tsokos, Chief of the Rheumatology Division at Beth Israel Deaconness Medical Center and Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School, received the 2015 Lupus Insight Prize at FOCIS 2015 for a project with great promise in improving treatment for lupus nephritis. The award was presented at FOCIS 2015, the 15th Annual Meeting of the Federation of Clinical Immunology Societies.


The Lupus Insight Prize is a collaborative initiative among the Alliance for Lupus Research (ALR), the Lupus Foundation of America (LFA) and the Lupus Research Institute (LRI). The $200,000 Prize recognizes a major, novel insight and/or discovery that has the promise of changing thinking about lupus as well as a high likelihood of generating further advances in the diagnosis and treatment of the disease.

Innovative Project Aims to Improve Lupus Nephritis Treatment

Dr. Tsokos will use the award funds to study the molecular link between the immune system and the kidney damage seen frequently in patients with lupus nephritis, a dangerous complication of lupus. His research also aims to develop a targeted delivery of drugs directly to kidney cells that block the action of a single destructive enzyme.

“I am honored to receive this award from the leading organizations in lupus,” commented Dr. Tsokos. “I have dedicated my career to defining the abnormalities in the immune cells of patients with lupus to advance the development of tools for diagnosis and monitoring as well as safer and more effective therapies. The Lupus Insight Prize will allow my team to further our exciting current work that has potential to significantly improve treatment of lupus nephritis, serious damage to the kidneys.”

“The collegial effort among the organizations involved in the Lupus Insight Prize demonstrates the focus of all involved in accelerating progress towards better treatments and ultimately, to finding a cure for lupus,” said Kenneth M. Farber, President of the Alliance for Lupus Research. “By working with these organizations and with leaders in the field of lupus research towards a common goal, we have the potential to more quickly improve the lives of those estimated 1.5 million Americans living with lupus.”

“We are extremely proud that Dr. Tsokos was selected to win this prestigious award and congratulate him on his long and illustrious career,” adds Sandra C. Raymond, President and CEO of the Lupus Foundation of America. “Dr. Tsokos’ longstanding commitment to exploring the underlying causes of lupus and identifying new ways to diagnose and treat the disease has resulted in important and game-changing discoveries, including the identification of treatments that are specific for lupus with fewer debilitating side effects. These treatments are in various stages of clinical development.”

Margaret G. Dowd, President and CEO of the Lupus Research Institute concluded, “Dr. Tsokos’ outstanding body of work exemplifies what the three national lupus organizations came together to advance with the Lupus Insight Prize – the most novel science that builds on groundbreaking contributions to innovative treatment and drives toward a cure. This study is particularly meaningful for patients because of its potential to deliver safer and more effective drugs to treat lupus nephritis, one of the most common and dangerous complications of the disease.”

For more information visit LupusInsightPrize.org.

FOCIS Member Societies

Member Societies

Thank you to the following FOCIS Member Societies and Communities of Practice who hosted symposia at FOCIS 2015:

  • American Society for Blood and Marrow Transplantation (ASBMT)
  • Americas Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis (ACTRIMS)
  • American Rhinologic Society (ARS)
  • The Transplantation Society (TTS)
  • American Society for Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics (ASHI)
  • Association of Medical Laboratory Immunologists (AMLI)
  • American College of Rheumatology (ACR)
  • International Cytokine and Interferon Society (ICIS)
  • FOCIS Immunology Community of Practice
  • FOCIS Cancer Community of Practice


Member Societies: There is still time to be seen at FOCIS 2016!

FOCIS Member Societies

All FOCIS Member Societies are encouraged to collaborate and host a symposium on Wednesday, June 22nd to kick off FOCIS 2016.

This is a great economical way to highlight your specialty's latest advances in immunology and to partner with other Member Societies to encourage cross-disciplinary education.

Contact Membership and Marketing Manager, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for an application or questions.

FOCIS 2016: Next Week Registration, Abstract Submission, and Hotel Reservations Open!

email focis 2016 logoAttend the most innovative presentation of immunology and see the latest research advances in immune-mediated diseases.

Take a look at the innovative lineup of topics and presenters; share your findings in front of leading clinicians and researchers in immunology, while saving money as a FOCIS member.

Important Dates and Deadlines

  • Abstract submission, meeting registration, hotel reservations open: November 4, 2015
  • Abstract submission deadline: January 27, 2016

About FOCIS 2016

FOCIS is the meeting in translational immunology that will give you a competitive edge in your career.

Stay ahead of the curve with leading clinicians and researchers delivering the latest breakthroughs across immune-mediated diseases.

Focusing on molecular pathways and their implications in human disease provides the unique opportunity for innovative thinking and apply ideas from the pathologies of other diseases to uncover novel solutions to challenges in the diseases you study.

Thank you to the 2016 Scientific Program Committee

The leaders below have been chosen to plan FOCIS 2016 and are already hard at work building an exciting program and inviting speakers!


Kevan Herold, MD
Kevan Herold, MD, Yale University

William Robinson, MD
William Robinson, MD, Stanford University

Frank Nestle, MD
Frank Nestle, MD, King's College London

Jeffrey Bluestone, PhD
Jeffrey Bluestone, PhD, University of California, San Francisco

Terri Laufer, MD
Terri Laufer, MD, University of Pennsylvania

Ciriaco Piccirillo, PhD
Ciriaco Piccirillo, PhD, McGill University

Rafi Ahmed, PhD
Rafi Ahmed, PhD, Emory University

Amit Bar-Or, MD
Amit Bar-Or, MD, McGill University

Virginia Pascaul, MD
Virginia Pascaul, MD, Baylor Institute for Immunology Research

David Hafler, MD
David Hafler, MD, Yale University

Larry Turka, MD
Larry Turka, MD, Harvard Medical School


We hope to see you at FOCIS 2016, held June 22-25 in Boston, Massachusetts!