Advanced Course in Basic & Clinical Immunology

Invited speakers lecture on the major topics in cellular and molecular immunology, including innate immunity, B cells, T cells, and cytokines. Special sessions cover new advances in interventional clinical immunology and the molecular and genetic basis of immune-mediated diseases. There will be ample opportunity for students to interact with the faculty outside the lecture room.

The next course will be held: 

February/March 2014
Scottsdale, Arizona

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Basic Immunology in Medicine: Update 2013

This course was launched in 2002 because of the realization that the rapid pace of research is leading to fundamental advances in the understanding of immune responses and their abnormalities. Staying abreast of these advances is essential for practitioners of medicine and for researchers in academia and industry. As new immunotherapeutic strategies are being developed and adopted, it is becoming important to understand the rationale behind these therapies, and this also requires an appreciation of the fundamentals of immunology. This brief course is designed to provide a sophisticated review of selected basic principles, and update on new advances, especially those that are most relevant to human disease.

Course materials include electronic access to slides that will assist attendees in following the lectures and participating in the discussions. In addition, the attendees may be able to use these slides as a basis for their own teaching and lecturing needs.

The next course will be held:

Wednesday, June 26 at FOCIS 2013
Seaport Boston Hotel & World Trade Center
Boston, Massachusetts  

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Interventional Immunology

The Interventional Immunology course provides education on the many new therapies that are currently available or in development which are based on targets unfamiliar to many practicing physicians. There is potentially great value for, but lack of, cross-disciplinary reviews of these types of therapies.

This course seeks to review the scientific basis for choice of immunologically related therapeutic targets in various diseases, including organ specific and systemic autoimmunity, allergy, transplant rejection, cancer, and HIV. The goal is to help understand the rationale and mechanism underlying the major pharmacologic approaches for interventional immunology in current practice and review the track record of the different therapeutic approaches in different specialties.

The next course will be held:

Thursday, June 27 at FOCIS 2013
Seaport Boston Hotel & World Trade Center
Boston, Massachusetts 

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Clinical Trials for Immunologic Disease

This is a basic course in clinic trial methodology, particularly as it relates to immunologic disease. It will review the key elements of clinical trials, including types of trials, designing feasible trials, statistical issues, and surrogate markers that might be used. It will discuss strategies for entering into the funding stream. A practicum will be offered to participants using a model scenario in order to work through the issues one faces in developing a clinical trial.

The next course will be held: 
Sunday, June 30 at FOCIS 2013
Seaport Boston Hotel & World Trade Center
Boston, Massachusetts

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Entrepreneuers in Clinical Academia (ECA)

Each year, immunology investigators in clinical academia discover promising molecules and technologies; however, these researchers often have incomplete knowledge or understanding of the pharmaceutical development process and how to turn their innovations into medical treatments. Entrepreneurs in Clinical Academia (ECA) was created to educate clinical researchers in the world of business acumen and the process of drug development, from preclinical to clinical.

This initiative is designed to provide clinical researchers with key insights into the process of drug development and the commercialisation of molecules for further development:

  • The biopharmaceutical industry and its environment
  • Intellectual property (IP) and how to use it
  • Business planning and development
  • Negotiating and structuring deals
  • Making the partnership work

The course will be held:
September 23-27, 2013
INSEAD, Fontainebleau, France 

Candidates must be currently based at a research facility in Europe. The course tuition fees, on-site accommodation and transport costs for candidates are covered by FOCIS, thanks to an educational grant from Celgene. Each application will be adjudicated by a panel of professors; experts in the field of immunology and business. All applications must be returned by December 31, 2012. Click here to learn more and apply now!


Trainee Satellite Symposium (TSS)

TSS is held the day before the FOCIS Annual Meeting. This day-long forum provides the opportunity for two trainees from each of the 68 FOCIS Center of Excellence (FCE) to present their most novel and innovative research. All trainees present posters and ten are selected to give oral presentations. TSS is an exclusive function of the FOCIS Centers of Excellence (FCE). To learn how you can participate please contact your FCE Director. To see a list of FCEs or to learn how your institution can become a FCE please visit the FCE page.

FOCIS Annual Meeting

The FOCIS Annual Meeting is the apex of the year's activities. Clinical immunologists come from all over the world to hear the novel research that is being presented in this forum.

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