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FOCIS Steering Committee

David Hafler, MD
Harvard Medical School

FOCIS Vice-Chair
Gerald T. Nepom, MD, PhD
Benaroya Research Institute at Virginia Mason
University of Washington School of Medicine

FOCIS Secretary/Treasurer
Jonathan Braun, MD, PhD
UCLA Medical Center

Past Chair
C. Garrison Fathman, MD
Stanford University School of Medicine

FCE Chair
Cornelia Weyand, MD, PhD
Emory University

Grant J. Anhalt, MD
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
SID Representative

Jack P. Antel, MD
Montreal Neurology Hospital & Institute
ISNI & ACTRIMS Representative

Richard S. Blumberg, MD
Brigham & Women's Hospital
CCFA Representative

Jeffrey A. Bluestone, PhD
University of California-San Francisco Medical Center
ITN Representative

Mary K. Crow, MD
Hospital for Special Surgery
ACR Representative

Charlotte Cunningham-Rundles, MD, PhD
The Mount Sinai Medical Center
CIS 2004 Representative

Mohamed R. Daha
Leiden University Medical Center
ICS Representative

Lynn K. Gordon, MD, PhD
Jules Stein Eye Institute-UCLA
AUS Representative

Vijay Kuchroo, DVM, PhD
Harvard Medical School
ISNI Rep & FOCIS Abstract Committee Chair

Peter E. Lipsky, MD
Federal Liaison

Michael T. Lotze, MD
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
iSBTc Representative

William J. Murphy, PhD
University of North Virginia Medical School
ASBMT Representative

T. Mohanakumar, PhD
Washington University-School of Medicine
ICS Representative

Maurice R.G. O'Gorman, PhD
The Children's Memorial Hospital
AMLI Representative

Charles G. Orosz
Ohio State University Medical Center
ASHI Representative

Lanny J. Rosenwasser, MD
National Jewish Medical Research Center
AAAAI Representative

Daniel Rotrosen, MD
Federal Liaison

Kendall A. Smith, MD
Cornell University Medical College
ISICR Representative

Warren Strober, MD
SMI Representative

Matthias G. Von Herrath, MD
La Jolla Institute Allergy & Immunology
IDS Representative

Adriana Zeevi, PhD
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
AST Representative

FOCIS Update

FOCIS Update is published four times a year by the Federation of Clinical Immunology Societies. All editorial communications should be directed to:
Sarah Krause
(414) 918-3192

FOCIS Member Societies

FOCIS Industry Liason Council

FOCIS Network of Consortia
Dear Colleagues:

FOCIS continues to evolve at a rapid pace, and our role as chairs of the Education Committee is also evolving to develop new educational opportunities that meet the needs of the ever-growing immunology community. Our newer initiatives reach out to a younger audience, stimulating interest in immunology for future generations. FOCIS is uniquely positioned to offer these educational programs because unlike individual, disease-specific societies, FOCIS is committed to breaking down the boundaries of disease and disease subspecialties to demonstrate the common pathogenesis between many different diseases.

Continuing in our commitment to educational excellence, we are proud to introduce the Advanced Course in Basic & Clinical Immunology, a new twist on the Basic Immunology for Clinicians: Update course. The Basic Immunology Course, now in its third year, is ideal for those who would like an in-depth review of the basic aspects of immunology. The Advanced Course focuses on immunology, beginning with basic science and takes the learner to the clinic and back again. The first offering of the course will be March 15-18, 2006 in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Also new to FOCIS, is the "FOCIS Summer Intern Program". This program, which is modeled on a successful program at Stanford and other universities, offers high school students the opportunity to spend 8 weeks with researchers at a local medical institution. They are provided with a syllabus, course lectures and time in the lab to complete their own research project. FOCIS will provide downloadable access to this program for the summer of 2006.

The apex of our educational efforts each year is the FOCIS Annual Meeting. It is the only meeting that bridges over a dozen different disciplines in clinical immunology. This is the forum where MDs, PhDs, trainees and other scientists can study broad questions in clinical immunology. FOCIS 2006 promises to offer an exciting array of speakers from cross-disciplinary fields. The meeting brings together researchers from around the world, working in more than 30 clinical specialties, as well as affiliated biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

We hope that you will keep a close eye on FOCIS as we continue to deliver cutting-edge programs and easy access to the greatest minds in the field of clinical immunology!

Best regards,

Paul J. Utz, MD
FOCIS Education Chair
Stanford University

Abul K. Abbas, MD
FOCIS Education Vice-Chair
University of California - San Francisco

• • • • •

FOCIS 2006 - Call for Abstracts

The FOCIS 2006 Preliminary Program is online now at!

FOCIS 2006 Now, in its sixth year, FOCIS 2006 is the only scientific meeting to approach clinical immunology from an interdisciplinary angle. A top-notch scientific program includes plenary sessions, thematic symposia, oral abstract sessions, and poster sessions on featured topics such as stem cells, regulatory T Cells, and autoimmunity. Log on to see an up-to-date list of sessions and confirmed speakers!

FOCIS 2006 runs June 1-5 at the San Francisco Marriott. Registration information and a Call for Abstracts are available in the Preliminary Program. FOCIS 2006 registration and abstract submission open November 1st.

Great Options for Continuing Education...
The FOCIS mission is to improve human health through immunology. One of the first steps to realizing this goal is to create educational programs that maintain, develop or increase the knowledge, understanding, skills and professional performance of trainees and investigators in the broad field of clinical immunology. For this reason the FOCIS Education Committee is dedicated to creating new programs that will continue to improve the level of knowledge among the immunological community.
  • Basic Immunology for Clinicians: Update 2006
    Wednesday, May 31, 2006 - San Francisco Marriott, California
    (immediately preceding FOCIS 2006)

    Day-long intensive course intended to update clinicians, clinical scientists and trainees about recent advances in Immunology, with an emphasis on the biological basis of immunological diseases and therapies. Registration opens November 1.

  • Advanced Course in Basic & Clinical Immunology
    March 15-18, 2006 - James Hotel, Scottsdale, Arizona

    In-depth review of basic immunology as it applies to human disease (biological underpinnings of human immunological diseases) and new technologies targeted at clinicians and clinical scientists, trainees (clinical and research fellows) and scientists from industry.Register by February 10, 2006.

  • Summer Intern Program
    Available on the FOCIS Web site for the summer of 2006, the FOCIS Summer Intern Program gives medical institutions the opportunity to provide the surrounding community with an introductory course in immunology targeted at high school age learners with a deep interest in science.

• • • • •

FOCIS Centers of Excellence

FOCIS Centers of Excellence News & Events

FCE Directors Meeting Changes Venues
The FOCIS Winter Meeting, held in February the past two years, provides a forum for FOCIS Center of Excellence (FCE) Directors to network and determine the direction of the FCE. The FCE Directors Meeting will now be held the day before the FOCIS Annual Meeting, on May 31.

This change offers directors a chance to conduct FCE business on Wednesday, attend the Trainee Satellite Symposium (TSS) with their trainees on Thursday, and take in cutting edge science at the premiere meeting in clinical immunology.

Mark your calendars:
FCE Directors Meeting
Wednesday, May 31, 2006
San Francisco Marriott

FCE Collaboration: Hospital for Special Surgery,
Robert Wood Johnson & Affymetrix

In February of 2005 FOCIS issued a competitive Request for Application (RFA) to solicit FOCIS Centers of Excellence (FCE) who would collaborate together on a common research project using Affymetrix technology. FOCIS is happy to congratulate Dr. Nandini Moorthy, PI for the research project at Robert Wood Johnson headed by director Alice Gottlieb, along with her collaborators at the Hospital for Special Surgery FCE, headed by director Jane Salmon. Thanks and appreciation to Affymetrix for their support to make this project possible.

FCE Directors in the News: Alice Gottlieb
Alice Gottlieb, Director of the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School FCE, was recently featured in an article highlighting her life and work. Please click here to view the article.

Robert Wood Johnson Medical Center - Pediatric Rheumatology
for the Practitioner

September 24, 2005
This course is targeted at Rheumatologists, Primary Care Physicians, Pediatric Subspecialists, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Residents and Fellows and other healthcare providers involved with or interested in the diagnosis and management of children with rheumatic disease. By participating in the conference, you will be able to: describe different diseases that cause arthritis in childhood, evaluate and manage common sports related joint problems, explain ophthalmologic complications of pediatric rheumatic diseases, review the diagnosis and management of Lyme disease in children, discuss new therapeutic and diagnostic updates in pediatric rheumatology and conduct joint examination in children.

FCEs, share the news on how your center advances interdisciplinary efforts. Send your FCE Updates to Sarah Krause at

• • • • •

FOCIS Member Society News & Events

International Cytokine Society - 2005 Conference
October 27-31, 2005
Seoul, South Korea

The International Cytokine Society is pleased to invite you to its 2005 International Cytokine Society Conference on Cytokines, Immunity, Immunotherapy and Vaccine.
The conference will feature plenary lectures and symposia by world-renowned scholars.

Clinical Immunology Society - Systemic Autoimmune Diseases School
March 15-19, 2006
Santa Fe, New Mexico

The Clinical Immunology Society (CIS) is accepting applications for its third School on Systemic Autoimmune Diseases. The deadline for applications is September 30, 2005. All participants will be provided with travel grants to assist with airfare, hotel and meal expenses.

Member Societies, we want to hear from you! Please send your upcoming news and events to Sarah Krause,

• • • • •

Collaborating to Navigate Commercial Support - ILC Fall Planning Meeting

Representatives of the 2005 Industry Liaison Council (ILC) recently met with FOCIS leaders at the Fall Planning Meeting in La Jolla, California. Highlights of the meeting included clarifying and expanding communication strategies, developing potential new initiatives and defining how FOCIS and its commercial supporters can best work together to ultimately improve patient care.

• • • • •

Breaking Across Boundaries: Cross-Consortia Research Initiative

The FOCIS Network of Consortia (NOC) was formed to identify shared and disease-specific factors in molecular pathology of human disease involving the immune system, harmonize design and technology issues common to established NIH genetics and clinical consortia and provide an interface between consortia and industry partners.

The NOC was born at the 2005 Winter Meeting and due to the support of a cross-disciplinary group of consortia, is currently planning their 2nd Annual Winter Meeting in Cocont Grove, Florida, February 2-4, 2006. The meeting promises to offer cutting-edge discussion on topics such as consent, central resources and data analysis.

For more information on the NOC or to learn how your consortia can participate, please visit the NOC Web site

An Eye on Events in the Immunological Community...

City of Hope - International Symposium on Cellular Therapy for Treatment of Autoimmune Disease
October 5-7, 2005
Newport Beach, California

The symposium explores new developments in hematopoietic and mesenchymal stem cell therapy. Symposium sessions will discuss the biology of autoimmunity and latest clinical research in the United States, Europe and Canada involving T regulatory cells, stem cells, allogenic transplant and gene therapy. The sessions will also explore possible therapies to treat multiple sclerosis, systemic sclerosis, lupus and other autoimmune diseases.

City of Hope - 6th Annual Rachmiel Levine Symposium: Advances in Diabetes Research: From Cell Biology to Cell Therapy
November 9-12, 2005
Universal City, California

The 2005 Rachmiel Levine symposium will provide cutting-edge updates on the latest advances in diabetes basic science and clinical research. It is designed to provide a comprehensive and up-to-date presentation on the latest advances in diabetes research and islet transplantation and to stimulate further research in this area.

USIDNET - Short Term Training Program in Primary Immunodeficiency
This program is targeted towards young physicians interested in research and management of primary immunodeficiency. Senior medical students and recent medical graduates in residencies or research fellowships are invited to apply.

Click here to view a complete listing of grant and award opportunities.

• • • • •

FOCIS Centers of Excellence

Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Director: Dr. Chaim Putterman

Baylor College of Medicine
Director: Dr. David P. Huston

Brigham & Women's Hospital
Director: Dr. Paul Anderson

Children's Hospital Boston
Director: Dr. Raif S. Geha

Cincinnati Children's Hospital
Medical Center
Director: Dr. Alexandra Filipovich

Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Director: Dr. Brian Mandell

Columbia University
Director: Dr. Betty Diamond

Dartmouth Medical School
Director: Dr. Lloyd Kasper

Duke University Medical Center
Director: Dr. John S. Sundy

Emory University
Director: Dr. Jorg J. Goronzy

Hospital for Special Surgery
Director: Dr. Jane Salmon

Mayo Clinic
Director: Dr. Hirohito Kita

McGill University
Director: Dr. Emil Skamene

Robarts Research Institute
& Western University
Director: Dr. J. Madrenas

Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
Director: Dr. Alice B. Gottlieb

Stanford University School of Medicine
Director: Dr. C. Garrison Fathman

University of Alabama - Birmingham
Director: Dr. Robert P. Kimberly

University of California - Los Angeles
Director: Dr. Bevra Hahn

University of California - San Diego
Director: Dr. Arthur Kavanaugh

University of California - San Francisco
Director: Dr. Jeffrey A. Bluestone

University of Chicago
Director: Dr. Stephen Hanauer

University of Colorado
Health Sciences Center
Director: Dr. George Eisenbarth

University of Florida
Director: Dr. John F. Valentine

University of Iowa
Director: Dr. Elizabeth H. Field

University of Miami
Director: Dr. Jay Skyler

University of North Carolina
Director: Dr. Dhavalkumar D. Patel

University of Pennsylvania Medical School
Director: Dr. Arnold I. Levinson

University of Pittsburgh
Director: Dr. Scott Plevy

University of Rochester Medical Center
Director: Dr. Christopher Ritchlin

University of Southern California
Director: Dr. Chaim Oscar Jacob

University of Washington - Seattle
Director: Dr. Keith B. Elkon

Washington University
Director: Dr. Wayne Yokoyama

Yale University
Director: Dr. Jordan S. Pober

Ghent University Hospital
Director: Dr. Eric M. Veys

Giannina Gaslini Institute
Director: Dr. Lorenzo Moretta

Institute of Immunology of Central University Medical School
Director: Dr. Nicolas E. Bianco

Institute of Immunology Czech Republic
Director: Dr. Jirina Bartunkova

Instituto Nacional de Ciencias Médicas
y Nutrición Salador Zubirán
Director: Dr. Jorge Sanchez-Guerrero

Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals
Director: Dr. Helen Chapel

Rostov-on-Don State Medical University
Director: Dr. L. Sizialana

Shiraz University of Medical Sciences
Director: Dr. Sara Kashef

Université Libre de Bruxells Hopital Ersme
Director: Dr. Michel Goldman

University Hospital of Freiburg
Director: Dr. Hans-Hartmut Peter

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