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FOCIS Steering Committee

C. Garrison Fathman, MD
Stanford University

FOCIS Vice-Chair
David A. Hafler, MD
Harvard Medical School

FCE Chair
David P. Huston, MD
Baylor College of Medicine

FOCIS Secretary/Treasurer
Jonathan Braun, MD PhD
UCLA Medical Center

Abul K. Abbas, MD
University of California -
San Francisco
FOCIS Education Committee

Grant J. Anhalt, MD
Johns Hopkins University
School of Medicine
SID Representative

Jack P. Antel, MD
Montreal Neurology
Hospital & Institute
ISNI & ACTRIMS Representative

Richard S. Blumberg, MD
Brigham & Women's Hospital
CCFA Representative

Jeffrey A. Bluestone, PhD
University of California -
San Francisco
ITN Representative

Mary K. Crow, MD
Hospital for Special Surgery
ACR Representative

Charlotte Cunningham-Rundles, MD PhD
The Mount Sinai Medical Center
CIS 2004 Representative

Mohamed R. Daha
Leiden University Medical Center
ICS Representative

Lynn K. Gordon, MD PhD
Jules Stein Eye Institute-UCLA
AUS Representative

Vijay Kuchroo, DVM PhD
Harvard Medical School
ISNI Rep & FOCIS Abstract Committee Chair

Peter E. Lipsky, MD
Federal Liaison

Michael T. Lotze, MD
University of Pittsburgh
School of Medicine
iSBTc Representative

William J. Murphy, PhD
University of North Virginia Medical School
ASBMT Representative

T. Mohanakumar, PhD
Washington University -
School of Medicine
ICS Representative

Maurice R.G. O'Gorman, PhD The Children's Memorial Hospital AMLI Representative

Charles G. Orosz, PhD
Ohio State University
ASHI Representative

Lanny J. Rosenwasser, MD
National Jewish Medical Research Center
AAAAI Representative

Daniel Rotrosen, MD
Federal Liaison

Kendall A. Smith, MD
Cornell University
Medical College
ISICR Representative

Warren Strober, MD
SMI Representative

Paul J. Utz, MD
Stanford University
School of Medicine
FOCIS Education Committee

Matthias G. Von Herrath, MD
La Jolla Institute
Allergy & Immunology
IDS Representative

Adriana Zeevi, PhD
University of Pittsburgh
Medical Center
AST Representative

FOCIS Update

FOCIS Update is published four times a year by the Federation of Clinical Immunology Societies. All editorial communications should be directed to:
Mary Molter
(414) 918-3192


Dear Colleagues:

I'm pleased to introduce to you the first issue of FOCIS Update, a quarterly e-newsletter providing you with important information related to the Federation of Clinical Immunology Societies (FOCIS) and the FOCIS Centers of Excellence (FCE).

It is with great excitement that FOCIS launched its newly re-designed Web site -- the source for FOCIS Annual Meeting (FOCIS 2005) and FCE information, educational programs, grants and awards information, and FOCIS Member Society events. FOCIS 2005 program information and registration is available online now.

This has been an eventful year for the FCE. Among other highlights, the inaugural FCE Trainee Satellite Symposium (TSS) and Black Tie Gala were held in July in Montreal during the joint meeting of FOCIS and the International Congress of Immunology. This unique session highlighted the work of trainees selected from each FCE and provided them the opportunity to present to a very select audience. Amgen and Centocor each supported a fellowship award - Congratulations to recipients Clare Baecher-Allan and Kristi Williams! Thanks to FCE directors and trainees, the 2004 TSS was a complete success. We look forward to your participation in an equally-outstanding TSS program for the 5th Annual Meeting of FOCIS in May 2005 in Boston. The TSS was just one of many achievements this year. More information on several other FCE accomplishments is included below.

With an eye to the future, the FCE will have a very important role in the coming months. A special issue of Clinical Immunology is in the works, to be published in Spring 2005. Plans have begun for the first annual Winter "Summer" School, slated for January 2006 in Scottsdale, Ariz. Many people are hard at work on these endeavors and other proposed FCE programs detailed below.

On behalf of FOCIS, I'd like to thank you for your support this year. Exciting prospects are on the horizon for FOCIS and the FCE, and we are pleased that you will be a part of them.

With warm regards,

C. Garrison Fathman

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FOCIS is now accepting abstract submissions for FOCIS 2005. Log onto to view the "Call for Abstracts." Abstracts must be submitted electronically before the January 17, 2005 deadline. Travel grants will be awarded to selected individuals whose abstracts are chosen for presentation at FOCIS 2005.

Register online now for FOCIS 2005 at
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Inaugural Trainee Satellite Symposium a success
The first Trainee Satellite Symposium (TSS) was held July 17, 2004 at the 2004 FOCIS/ICI Meeting in Montreal. Two trainees from each FCE were selected by their respective FCE directors to submit an abstract of research that was being conducted at their Centers. Sixty abstracts were submitted and reviewed prior to the meeting, with 10 of the highest-scoring abstracts selected for oral presentation at the symposium. Congratulations to the following presenters:

Dr. Anthony French; Escape of mutant double-stranded DNA virus from innate immune control; FCE: Washington University; Director: Dr. Wayne Yokoyama

Dr. Wei Ma-Krupa; Ligation of toll-like receptors primes arterial dendritic cells to initiate vasculitis of medium size blood vessels; FCE: Emory University; Director: Dr. Jorg J. Goronzy

Dr. David Martin; Mammalian DNA and histone can activate dendritic cells through TLR-9-independent pathways; FCE: University of Washington-Seattle; Director: Dr. Keith B. Elkon

Dr. Roza Nurieva; Regulation of immune and autoimmune responses by ICOS-B7h interaction; FCE: University of Washington-Seattle; Director: Dr. Keith B. Elkon

Dr. Kia-Joo Puan; Pattern recognition of microbial metabolites by human V?2Vd2 T cells
FCE: University of Iowa; Director: Dr. Elizabeth H. Field

Dr. Meera Ramanujam; Blocking BAFF using TACI-Ig/BR3-Ig in SLE: Similarities and differences; FCE: Albert Einstein College of Medicine; Director: Dr. Betty Diamond

Dr. Kayoko Sato; T cells kill vascular smooth muscle cells via the dath pathway - A role for TRAIL - Producing T cells in the Rupture of the Atherosclerotic Plaque; FCE: Emory University
Director: Dr. Jorg J. Goronzy

Dr. Steven Sutton; Anti-interleukin-5 (mepolizumab) therapy for hypereosinophilic syndromes
FCE: Cincinnati Children's Hospital; Director: Dr. Alexandra Filipovich

Dr. Kristi Williams; Monarch-1 is a negative regulator of Toll-like receptor-induced IL-6 expression through its interaction with TRAF6; Center: University of North Carolina; FCE: Dr. Dhavalkumar D. Patel

Dr. Sawsan Youssef; Pleitropic Immunoregulatory Properties of the HMG-CoA Reductase Inhibitor, Atorvastatin, on T cells and antigen presenting cells; FCE: University of California-San Francisco; Director: Dr. Jeffrey A. Bluestone

Two posters were selected for recognition based on the quality of the scientific material presented. Congratulations:

Dr. Karen Earle; In vitro expanded human CD4+CD25+ Regulatory T Cells suppress effector T cell proliferation; FCE: University of California-San Francisco; Director: Dr. Jeffrey A. Bluestone

Dr. Elena Perez; HIV-1 resistance in primary CD-4 T Cells expressing a gp-41 derived peptide; FCE: University of Pennsylvania Medical School; Director: Dr. Arnold I. Levinson

Two Postdoctoral Fellowships awarded
at Trainee Satellite Symposium

Also at the 2004 TSS, the FCE announced the recipients of two $75,000 postdoctoral fellowship awards for research in clinical immunology, supported by Amgen and Centocor. Applicants were required to be MD, PhD, or MD/PhD trainees who were involved in active research programs. These awards were designed for postdoctoral fellows in the later stages of training and prior to the transition to faculty.

Centocor Fellowship Award
Dr. Clare Baecher-Allan; Human CD4+CD25high Treg cells do not suppress all antigen responses equally and exhibit enhanced Th1 suppression; FCE: Harvard Medical School
Director: Dr. Paul Anderson

Amgen Fellowship Award
Dr. Kristi Williams; Monarch-1 is a negative regulator of Toll-like receptor-induced IL-6 expression through its interaction with TRAF6; FCE: University of North Carolina; Director: Dr. Dhavalkumar D. Patel

PJ Utz, FOCIS Education Chair, congratulates
Clare Baecher-Allan, Centocor Award Winner.

Kristi Williams, Amgen Award Winner appears with PJ Utz,
Alan Solinger, Director Medical Affairs, Amgen, and David Huston, FCE Chair.

FCE Trainees Receive Travel Awards
Sixty travel awards were granted to authors submitting first-authored abstracts for the TSS. Two trainees were selected from each Center by their respective directors to receive a $1,500 travel award to cover expenses incurred while attending the 2004 FOCIS/ICI Meeting.

Colleagues on the Move
Dr. Betty Diamond has moved from Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, New York to Columbia University Medical Center, New York where she is establishing a new FOCIS Center of Excellence.

Making a move? Submit your information to

Promote Your Meetings or Employment Opportunities
in FOCIS Update

Send us employment opportunities to be published here as well. Provide the position title, brief description and contact information.

Employment Opportunities
NIH-National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases(NIAID) - Two Tenure Track Positions in the Laboratory of Immunology. Applicants in any area of immunological science will be considered, especially those interested in the immunology of infectious diseases, B-cell biology or innate immunity. Applicants should have a Ph.D., M.D. or equivalent, strong record of post-doctoral scientific accomplishment, and will be expected to establish an independent research program. Support for salary, technical personnel, post-doctoral fellows, equipment and research supplies provided. Full benefits package available. Send CV, bibliography, outline of a proposed research program (two-page limit), and three letters of recommendation to Dr. Jonathan Ashwell, c/o Ms. Jennifer Walker, 6700 B Rockledge Drive, Suite 1230, Room 1134, Bethesda, MD 20817-7617. Deadline: December 30, 2004.

Tell us about your upcoming meetings. Send us the meeting date, place and Web site for inclusion in FOCIS Update.


  • FOCIS Centers of Excellence (FCE) Winter Director's Forum
    February 3-6, 2005
    Sonesta Hotel & Suites, Coconut Grove, Fla.

  • Basic Immunology for Clinicians: Update 2005
    AAAAI Annual Meeting
    March 18, 2005
    Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center, San Antonio, Texas

  • FOCIS Annual Meeting 2005
    May 12-16, 2005
    Westin Copley Place, Boston, Mass.
    Preliminary Program available at

  • Fall ILC Retreat
    September 2005
    San Francisco, Calif.
FOCIS Centers of Excellence

Baylor College of Medicine
Director: Dr. David P. Huston

Brigham & Women's Hospital
Director: Dr. Paul Anderson

Children's Hospital Boston
Director: Dr. Raif S. Geha

Cincinnati Children's Hospital
Medical Center
Director: Dr. Alexandra Filipovich

Dartmouth Medical School
Director: Dr. Lloyd Kasper

Duke University Medical Center
Director: Dr. John S. Sundy

Emory University
Director: Dr. Jorg J. Goronzy

Hospital for Special Surgery
Director: Dr. Mary K. Crow

Mayo Clinic
Director: Dr. Hirohito Kita

McGill University
Director: Dr. Emil Skamene

Robarts Research Institute
& Western University
Director: Dr. J. Madrenas

Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
Director: Dr. Alice B. Gottlieb

Stanford University School of Medicine
Director: Dr. C. Garrison Fathman

University of Alabama - Birmingham
Director: Dr. Robert P. Kimberly

University of California - Los Angeles
Director: Dr. Bevra Hahn

University of California - San Diego
Director: Dr. Arthur Kavanaugh

University of California - San Francisco
Director: Dr. Jeffrey A. Bluestone

University of Colorado
Health Sciences Center
Director: Dr. Brian L. Kotzin

University of Florida
Director: Dr. John F. Valentine

University of Iowa
Director: Dr. Elizabeth H. Field

University of Miami
Director: Dr. Jay Skyler

University of North Carolina
Director: Dr. Dhavalkumar D. Patel

University of Pennsylvania Medical School
Director: Dr. Arnold I. Levinson

University of Pittsburgh
Director: Dr. Scott Plevy

University of Rochester Medical Center
Director: Dr. Christopher Ritchlin

University of Southern California
Director: Dr. Chaim Oscar Jacob

University of Washington - Seattle
Director: Dr. Keith B. Elkon

Washington University
Director: Dr. Wayne Yokoyama

Yale University
Director: Dr. Jordan S. Pober

Cleveland Clinic
Director: Dr. Brian F. Mandell

University of Chicago
Director: Dr. Stephen Hanauer

Ghent University Hospital
Director: Dr. Eric M. Veys

Giannina Gaslini Institute
Director: Dr. Lorenzo Moretta

Institute of Immunology of Central University Medical School
Director: Dr. Nicolas E. Bianco

Instituto Nacional de Ciencias Médicas
y Nutrición Salador Zubirán
Director: Dr. Jorge Sanchez-Guerrero

Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals
Director: Dr. Helen Chapel

Université Libre de Bruxells Hopital Ersme
Director: Dr. Michel Goldman

University Hospital of Freiburg
Director: Dr. Hans-Hartmut Peter

Thank you!
FOCIS Industry Liaison Council (ILC)
for your continued support of FOCIS and its activities!

© 2004 FOCIS