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Letter from the FOCIS 2010 Chair

Dear Colleagues,

Olivera Finn FOCIS 2010 is nearly here and we are looking forward to seeing all of you in Boston to celebrate 10 years of the Federation of Clinical Immunology Societies' (FOCIS) commitment to interdisciplinary advancements in immunology. FOCIS returns to its roots in Boston, the site of the first annual meeting to honor those who had the vision and tenacity to bring FOCIS to life and guide its growth and success. Thursday, June 24 will feature a special anniversary Founders Symposium. FOCIS founders, Garry Fathman and David Hafler will give perspectives on the immunological landscape before FOCIS, how it has changed and what lies ahead.

The Founders Symposium kicks off a stellar scientific program that delivers innovative science and exciting speakers in a broad range of topics relating to immune-mediated diseases and conditions. The Organizing Committee is excited about the increasing amount of human immunology in the meeting and seeing how much basic science is translated to the clinic. We received so many abstracts discussing novel therapeutic approaches and the ways to assess them that a dedicated oral abstract session was created titled Immune Assessment.

A special evening session, Standardization and Proficiency Testing: Lessons, Challenges, and Future Directions, programmed by the FOCIS Human ImmunoPhenotyping (HIP-C) Committee takes a detailed look at the mechanics of immune assessment. The session features presentations and panel discussion from members of the Cancer Immunotherapy Consortium, Immunotoxicology Technical Committee, BD/National Institutes of Health Collaboration, National Institutes of Allergy & Infectious Diseases, Center for HIV-AIDS Vaccine Immunology, Immune Tolerance Network and the National Institute of Standards & Technology. It is a hot topic, not to be missed!

FOCIS online registration remains open until June 21 so be sure to register now to secure your spot at one of the most thought-provoking and forward thinking meetings of the year! Plan to stay at the Boston Marriott Copley Place, home of FOCIS 2010, at extremely competitive rates through May 31. Staying at the Marriott will allow you to immerse yourself in the educational experience that is FOCIS 2010 and save time and money. Click here to register and book your room today.

See you in Boston!

Best regards,

Olivera Finn, PhD
FOCIS 2010 Program Chair


Are you HIP?
The Human ImmunoPhenotyping Consortium (HIP-C) was created by FOCIS in 2009 to explore the concept of immune assessment. The development of accurate and reproducible immune monitoring assays is essential to determine the immune responses in patients receiving novel immune therapies and ultimately transitioning these therapies from the clinical trial phase to standard of care. We encourage you to attend the inaugural HIP-C meeting Saturday, June 26 at FOCIS 2010. Please see the agenda below.

Standardization and Proficiency Testing: Lessons, Challenges, and Future Directions
7:00–7:05 pm Welcome and Overview — Jonathan Braun, MD, PhD, University of California-Los Angeles
7:05–7:25 pm Cancer Immunotherapy Consortium — Sylvia Janetzki, MD, ZellNet Consulting
7:25–7:45 pm Immunotoxicology Technical Committee ILSI/HESI — John Ferbas, PhD Amgen
7:45–8:05 pm BD/National Institutes of Health Collaboration — Maria Jaimes, MD
8:05–8:25 pm National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases — Daniel Rotrosen, MD
8:25–9:00 pm Panel Discussion — moderated by Philip McCoy and Holden Maecker
      — Cancer Immunotherapy Consortium: Sylvia Janetzki, MD
      — BD/National Institutes of Health Collaboration: Maria Jaimes, MD
      — Immune Tolerance Network: Deborah Phippard, PhD
      — Center for HIV-AIDS Vaccine Immunology: Thomas Denney, MSc
      — International Society for Biological Therapy of Cancer: Lisa Butterfield, PhD
      — Immunotoxicology Technical Committee ILSI/HESI: John Ferbas, PhD
      — National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases: Daniel Rotrosen, MD
      — National Institute of Standards & Technology: Michael Amos, PhD

The Value of the FOCIS Annual Meeting

FOCIS Immediate Past President and new Director of the Immune Tolerance Network, Jerry Nepom, tells us why FOCIS is the best meeting of the year.

Save Time & Money through May 31!
Staying at the FOCIS 2010 Headquarter Hotel, the Boston Marriott Copley Place will allow you to immerse yourself in the educational experience and save you time and money. Please reserve your room online or by calling (800) 266-9432 / (506) 474-2009.

FOCIS 2010 rates are only available until Monday, May 31, so book today!

The Future of Genomic Research in Immunity and Medicine
The FOCIS Network of Consortia (NOC) unites immune-mediated disease consortia annually to promote the goal of ascertaining the molecular pathology of human disease. The NOC symposium at FOCIS 2010 will be held on Thursday, June 24, and includes the presentations below. The symposium is open to all registered FOCIS 2010 delegates and will reveal novel ideas in the area of genotype and phenotype.

From GWAS to Gene to Phenotype
Chair: Stephen Rich, PhD, University of Virginia
Noon-12:30 pm The Immunochip: An Update, Chris Cotsapas, PhD, Broad Institute
12:30-1:00 pm MHC and Sequencing: Now and in the Future, Henry Erlich, PhD, Roche Molecular Systems
1:00-1:45 pm Genome-wide Sequencing as a Discovery Tool in Medical and Cancer Genetics, Stacey Gabriel, PhD, Broad Institute
1:45-2:00 pm Coffee Break
New Technologies and Initiatives
Chair: David Hafler, MD, Yale University
2:00-2:20 pm Convergence of GWAS Tools: Arrays and Sequencing, Jennifer Stone, PhD, Illumina, Inc.
2:20-2:50 pm Genotype and Phenotype (GAP) Registry, Peter Gregersen, MD, Feinstein Institute for Medical Research
2:50-3:20 pm Novel Technologies: Human ImmunoPhenotyping Consortium Initiative, Holden Maecker, PhD, Stanford University and Philip McCoy, MD, National Heart Lung and Blood Institute
Translational Genomics
Chair: Stephen Rich, PhD, University of Virginia
3:20-4:05 pm Genotype-phenotype Analysis Reveals Common Disease Mechanisms in Autoimmunity, Jane Buckner, MD and S. Alice Long, PhD, Benaroya Research Institute
Where Do We Go From Here?
Chair: David Hafler, MD, Yale University
4:05-4:50pm The Future of Next Generation Sequencing, George Church, PhD, Harvard University

I Heart Immunology Wear it with Pride! FOCIS 2010 Trainee Pub Crawl
FOCIS 2010 trainees will take to the streets of Boston on Friday, June 25 to network with colleagues from all over the world and sample some of Boston's best pub fare. This is a great chance to meet new people, create lasting connections and strike up new research collaborations. Trainees past and present will don their 'I Love Immunology' stickers and meet outside the FOCIS 2010 Poster and Exhibit Hall at 7:30 pm after the poster session to begin the pub crawl. Pubs will be marked in the colors of FOCIS 2010 and maps and stickers will be included in delegate registration bags. See you there!

Test Your Immunology Know How
All FOCIS 2010 delegates will receive a pre-test during the week of June 7 as part of FOCIS' effort to understand the educational needs of researchers and clinicians in the broad field of clinical immunology. Throughout the meeting delegates will also receive evaluations of the day's sessions which will culminate with a final post-test. All tests and evaluations are anonymous and will assist FOCIS in providing educational programming that truly meets your needs. Have a speaker or topic suggestion? We want to hear from you! Send your suggestions to We thank you in advance for completing the tests and evaluations.


Basic Immunology in Medicine: Update 2010
Wednesday, June 23, Boston Marriott Copley Place

This course is an up-to-date, clinically relevant overview of how the immune system functions and malfunctions, presented in a manner that is accessible and of interest to individuals with various levels of scientific knowledge. This course is designed to provide a sophisticated review of selected basic principles and update on new advances, especially those that are most relevant to human disease. The content also helps those working in industry understand the clinical relevance, mechanism of actions and potential complications of drugs their organizations are developing or marketing in the arena of immune/inflammatory diseases. Click here to view the agenda and register now.

Interventional Immunology
Thursday, June 24, Boston Marriott Copley Place

This course takes immunology knowledge to the next level. There are currently many new therapies available or in development which are based on targets unfamiliar to many practicing physicians. The goal is to help attendees understand the rationale and mechanisms underlying the major pharmacologic approaches for interventional immunology in current practice and review the track record of the different therapeutic approaches in different specialties.This course has high relevance to individuals in the biotechnology sector involved in the development of novel therapies for chronic inflammation and cancer at all phases and features an internationally recognized faculty. There is little doubt that you will find many lectures directly relevant to your field of interest in immunology. Click here to view the agenda and register now.

BASiC Immunology in Medicine To Go Interested in bringing FOCIS instructors directly to your company's site?
Basic Immunology in Medicine To Go

The on-demand version of the Basic Immunology in Medicine course is designed to provide a sophisticated review of selected basic principles, and updates on new advances, especially those that are most relevant to human disease. Staying abreast of fundamental advances in the understanding of immune responses and their abnormalities is essential for practitioners of medicine and researchers in industry. As new immunotherapeutic strategies are being developed and adopted, it is important to understand the rationale behind these therapies and this requires an appreciation of the fundamentals of immunology.

For more detailed information, including pricing and an outline of course content, please contact Lori Rathje.

FOCIS News — Member Movements
April 2010 The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), part of the National Institutes of Health, has named Gerald T. Nepom, MD, PhD, as the director of the Immune Tolerance Network, one of the largest government-funded clinical research networks in the country working to establish new treatments for diseases of the immune system. "This is an exciting time in autoimmune disease research" said Dr. Nepom. "We have a tremendous opportunity to link scientific advances with innovative clinical research efforts to treat autoimmune and immune-mediated diseases." Click here for full article.

March 2010 David Hafler, MD, FOCIS Past President and chair of Yale University's Neurology Department, was inducted into the University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine's Hall of Fame. "I love the University of Miami," said Hafler, who is also Chief of Neurology at Yale-New Haven Hospital. "It gave me tremendous training as a physician and it prepared me for the next stages of my life. To come back and to be honored by your colleagues and your university is one of the greatest honors one can receive." Dr. Halfer also participated in the Freshman Pinning Ceremony for the class of 2013.

FOCIS Member Society Spotlight: Society for Investigative Dermatology
Society for Investigative Dermatology Founded in 1937, the Society for Investigative Dermatology is a professional membership organization serving scientists and physicians working in academic settings, researchers in government and industry, practicing dermatologists, residents and fellows, and members of the lay community interested in skin research. The SID has a worldwide membership of 1700 and publishes The Journal of Investigative Dermatology (JID)—the premier journal dedicated to research in cutaneous biology.

The SID's mission is to advance and promote the sciences relevant to skin health and disease through education, advocacy and scholarly exchange of scientific information.

Working under this mission, the SID is committed to fostering scientific careers for young researchers, increasing public and government awareness about the need to support skin research, working with industry in the development of new technologies and cooperative ventures and encouraging scientific collaborations among researchers worldwide.

Our top initiatives include the continuous publication and reach of constituents who can access the content of the JID, to continue to expand the reach and diversity of membership as well as potential members, and to plan/execute the annual meeting with top speakers and educational programming.

Items of accomplishment and note include the JID's new impact factor of 5.25 which surpassed the goal of 5 and is receiving record amounts of manuscript submissions, planning for the 2010 SID Annual Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia in May of next year is well under way and the SID unveiled a new web site located at

FOCIS Centers of Excellence Spotlight: European FOCIS Centers of Excellence, Stefan Meuer
Stefan Meuer In 2009, 13 European FCEs initiated a project called the "European Network for Transnational Immunology Research and Education (ENTIRE): From Immunomonitoring to Personalized Immunotherapy". A major challenge in clinical immunology is to translate the newly available therapeutic options into optimal personalized care. One key step is the rational measurement of the functional immune status in individual patients that provides crucial information relating to staging, treatment choice, monitoring of efficacy, safety and dose adjustment of immunomodulation, as well as biological assessment of remission. The knowledge and technology required to define such an "immunotype" is currently dispersed within centers with expertise in specific pathways or organ-specific diseases.

The ENTIRE-initiative will harness the multidisciplinary synergy between different European centers in the field of immunology to define, validate and implement a rational and standardized measurement of the immune function. Building on the unique European model of structural integration between fundamental and clinical research, the network will ultimately promote the translation of new developments into optimal individualized treatment.

Over the last 2-3 years, the participating centers have intensified their efforts to create an integrated European network. The COST funding proposal resulted from scientific and business meetings of the European FOCIS centers (at annual FOCIS-Meetings as well as 2008 in Heidelberg and 2009 in Paris and Genoa). In parallel, a yearly educational meeting called the "European Workshop on Immune-Mediated Inflammatory Diseases" has been established. This workshop provides an interdisciplinary platform for interaction between leading clinical scientists and young researchers in the field of clinical, translational and interventional immunology. The fourth workshop was held in Lisbon in November 2009.

The funding proposal was approved by the European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST), one of the longest-running European instruments for supporting cooperation among scientists and researchers across Europe. COST does not fund research itself but provides a platform for scientists to cooperate on a particular project and exchange expertise. COST provides the European FCEs with financial support for joint activities such as conferences, short-term scientific exchanges and publications.

XXIX Congress of the European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology
June 5-9, 2010
London, United Kingdom

Bioactive Lipids: Biochemistry and Diseases
June 6-11, 2010
Kyoto, Japan

Innate Immunity: Mechanisms Linking with Adaptive Immunity
June 7-12, 2010
Dublin, Ireland

FOCIS Basic Immunology in Medicine: Update 2010 Course
June 23, 2010
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

FOCIS Interventional Immunology Course
June 24, 2010
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

FOCIS 2010
June 24-27, 2010
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

28th Annual Aspen Allergy Conference
July 28-31, 2010
Aspen, Colorado, USA

XXIII International Congress of The Transplantation Society
August 15-19, 2010
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

14th International Congress of Immunology
August 22 - 27, 2010
Kobe, Japan

ASHI 36th Annual Meeting
September 25-29, 2010
Hollywood, Florida, USA

Workshop on Monoclonal Antibodies
October 1, 2010
Washington, District of Columbia, USA

Primer on Tumor Immunology and Biological Therapy of Cancer
October 1, 2010
Washington, District of Columbia, USA

iSBTc 25th Anniversary Annual Meeting
October 2-4, 2010
Washington, District of Columbia, USA

Cytokine2010: Joint Meeting of the International Cytokine Society (ICS) and the International Society for Interferon and Cytokine Research (ISICR)
October 3-7, 2010
Chicago, Illinois, USA

8th Asia Pacific Congress of Allergy, Asthma and Clinical Immunology (APCAACI 2010)
November 7-10, 2010

15th International Congress of Mucosal Immunology (ICMI 2011)
July 5-9, 2011
Paris, France

ASHI 37th Annual Meeting
October 17-21, 2011
New Orleans, Louisiana,USA

Grants Available
Remember to visit FOCIS Grants/Awards site regularly to view new grant opportunities in the field of clinical immunology and related disciplines. Grants are currently listed from the NIAID, NIDDK, NIAMS, NIH Roadmap and many more.

Career Opportunities: Here's What's Available Now
The Immune Tolerance Network
Assistant Director, New Technologies
Associate Director of Clinical Development

Foundation for the National Institutes of Health
Scientific Program Manager – Immunity & Inflammation

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Associate Scientist

Post your career opportunities on the FOCIS website
Job posting rates:
$75 per posting — academic/non-profit/government
$125 per posting — industry

Job postings should be 250 words or less and will remain on the website for 90 days. To post your opportunities please email Sarah Krause.

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