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FOCIS Centers of Excellence

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Karolinska Institute FCE Director, Ola Winqvist, MD, PhD

1.) What is the coolest way that you facilitate interdisciplinary research?

Meeting with colleagues from other disciplines and having elaborate and intensive discussions about a particularly intriguing patient case, resulting in a “Dr House” approach, where in many cases understanding the immune response is the key to diagnosis and successful intervention. The starting point in a patient case many times initiates an intensive research exploration where the need for many different techniques and knowledge from disciplines is fundamental.

2.) Why do you dig immunology?
Immunology is everywhere. Most diseases have an immunological component either as an initiating, response or a healing mechanism. Therefore it is very rewarding to be part of the immunological community and participate and contribute to the understanding of immunology in health and disease.

3.) What is your vision for the future of immunology?
The understanding of basic and clinical immunology has lead us to the development of tools to predict clinical responses against rational interventions chosen on an individual patient basis.